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BlueSense is a new Adsense Ready template . This templates characterized by fastly loading , simple color and design , he is a best template to earn money with Google AdSense .

BlueSense is specifically designed for all types of niche websites and will suit a wide variety of content and user preferences.

Customizing Codes for the Adsense Units
  1. Login to  blogger,
  2. Go to Layout  edit gadgets of adsense

Color codes for all ads except the link units

google_color_border = F0F6FB
google_color_bg = F0F6FB
google_color_link = 064B8C
google_color_text = 064B8C
google_color_url = 064B8C

Color codes for the link units

google_color_border = 064B8C
google_color_bg = 064B8C
google_color_link = ffffff
google_color_text = ffffff
google_color_url = ffffff

Enjoy The template :)

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  1. "DOEKUN SEO" Says:

    i like this template, salam kenal yach Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah

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